Coal Fired Energy Equipment

With ever so increasing cost of energy production thru natural gas and furnace oil, MES set its eyes on enabling industries to product energy thru coal resources. The world energy mix comprise of around 40% of coal energy while Pakistan product only 1% of its energy from coal.

Use of coal to produce steam, coal gas and electricity brings down the utility cost of our industrial production to lower levels thus enable our industries to compete in international markets.

MES has a complete line of equipment such as boilers, thermal oil heaters, steam turbines and gasifiers that can be fired by coal. MES also trades in Indonesian and South African coal, we are one of the key role players in coal sourcing for different industries in Pakistan. We take great pride in working closely with our partners and bring down their cost of operations by formulating different solutions for each industry as per the scenario.

Pakistan's Industry is suffering because of high prices of liquid fuels (diesel & furnace oil) and scarcity of cheap fuel (Natural Gas). We are pleased to introduce Coal Base Power Solutions for Pakistan's Industrial Sector.+ Read more