About Company

Morgan Energy Solutions is in business of providing energy efficient solutions to industries in Pakistan. Morgan Energy Solutions (MES) provides solutions for coal based energy solutions and industrial refrigeration solutions.

Moran Energy Solutions was formed in 2013 for serving industries of Pakistan with aim of providing energy efficient and reliable solutions. Morgan Energy Solutions provides complete solutions for system design, equipment supply, commissioning of plant and after sales service. .

Since its inception, MES has managed successful installations in 15 cities of Pakistan. MES has its installation in Gwadar, Pasni, Ormara, Karachi, Dadu, Khepro, Sehwan, Rahim Yar Khan, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Okara, Renala Khurd, Sargodha and Qasur. MES is successfully managing complete after sales support for all 15 geographical location with spare parts backup support and trained engineers for providing on-site and off-site technical supervision. .

    MES has been serving industries such as:
  • Seafood processors
  • Dairy processors
  • Fruits and vegetable storages
  • Ice block manufacturers
  • Industrial gasses producers

MES is partners with KIRLOSKAR group for sales and services of refrigeration compressors, YANTAI AOWID for sales and services of refrigeration equipment, NOWICKI for sales and services of meat processing equipment, DUNAN AIR CONDITIONING for sales and services of HVAC equipment.

Mission & Vision

Our mission to become the leading name in industrial refrigeration and energy equipment suppliers and system designers by 2020.

The cost of energy is rising, moreover, every country has a carbon footprint to maintain and we also have a responsibility to preserve our planet by utilizing resources efficiently.

Our compressors are serving at least 10 ice block manufacturing plants in Pakistan with minimum capacity of 400 blocks/day. Our compressors are saving at least two units of electricity of each block, this sums a total of 8,000 units of electricity saving in a day and for one month this constitutes to about 24,000 units of electricity saving.

Our compressors are serving at least 10 seafood and chicken freezing facilities in Pakistan. Our compressors are saving at least 30% of electricity to each processor with average electricity bill at 1 million PKR, this constitutes the saving of 0.3 million PKR for each processor and adding up to 3 million PKR saving in a month for total of 10 processors.

We take pride in being the first company to focus on industries that were not focused before by solution providers. MES narrowed down its focus specifically to agricultural sector of Pakistan by providing services to potato industry, meat and seafood industry, fruits and vegetable industry and ice block manufacturers. Nearly 30% of food produced in farms is wasted in Pakistan due to lack of well-designed cold storage facilities and this 30% costs our economic output in billions of rupees, we aim to minimize these losses and provide reliable, energy efficient and affordable solutions to farmers, growers and processors in Pakistan.

Pakistan's Industry is suffering because of high prices of liquid fuels (diesel & furnace oil) and scarcity of cheap fuel (Natural Gas). We are pleased to introduce Coal Base Power Solutions for Pakistan's Industrial Sector.+ Read more